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Sun Nov 2 19:29:43 EST 2003

Hello... I hope it's okay to pipe up like this. I am brand-new to your 
list, which I found when I was doing web searches for any information 
on the forthcoming Miyazaki movie of 'Howl's Moving Castle.' I am 25 
now and have been a DWJ fan since I was a child (maybe 9 or 10?). The 
first of her books that I read was 'Witch Week,' which I seem to 
remember my mother bringing me from the library when I was sick in bed 
and very bored. I'm especially excited about the movie because I am, 
quite separately, also an anime fan, so learning that the mighty 
Miyazaki planned to adapt a book by one of my favourite writers was... 
well... spiffy. I'm actually rereading 'Howl' at the moment and 
enjoying it as much as ever. The weird coincidence is that when I was 
watching Miyazaki's last movie, 'Spirited Away' at the cinema, the 
scene in which Haku leads Chihiro by the hand through a magnificent but 
bewildering garden of rhododendrons made me think of the flowering part 
of the Waste. I got home, shared my impressions of the movie with 
friends on an anime forum, said 'I wonder what Miyazaki will do next' 
and someone said 'He's adapting some English fantasy book called 
"Howl's Moving Castle".' I was gobsmacked.
Actually, it seems like a very logical progression from 'Spirited Away' 
since both stories are strongly focused on the rules of fairy-tale 
life. I was intrigued to find with a little more searching that there 
seems to be a substantial Japanese fanbase, and I adore the fanart that 
I've seen so far (if only, if *only* I could lay my hands on some of 
those doujinshi).
Anyway, I hope we'll have plenty of interesting conversations, both 
about the books and the movie when it's finally ready.
- La Déesse (

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