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Kale lskale at metaplaxia.net
Sun Nov 2 17:36:55 EST 2003

At 10:30 PM 11/2/2003 +1100, Ros wrote:
>I've just seen an ad for the soon-to-be-screened film of _A Wrinkle in Time_
>on Australian TV. It took me by surprise, as I had no idea any such film had
>been made. It's going to be shown in Melbourne this Friday evening at 8.30
>PM on Channel 10, and I imagine it will be shown at a similar time in other
>Australian cities.
> >From the ad clip, it looks to me as though it's been modernised quite a lot
>and prettified as well (eg the kids all looked cute). I wonder if anyone in
>the US or elsewhere has seen this movie? I have the uncomfortable feeling
>I'm not going to like it, but I'm sure going to watch and tape it!

If this is the one with Chris Potter as Dr. Jack Murry, then it was supposed
to air in the US sometime last year, but it never did.  I've heard that it 
won for
Best Feature at the Toronto Children's Film Festival.  It is supposed to be a
4-hour mini-series.

You can see a snippet of it in RealVideo format at this site.  Look for
Wrinkle in Time.


Here's an info sheet on it:



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