Rowling and elitists

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Sun Nov 2 02:00:11 EST 2003

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003 minnow at wrote:
|The rules state that anyone trying to point out grammatical or stylistic
|errors in someone else's prose will commit at least one howler him or
|herself; no doubt one of my sentences above, or this one, sucks just as
|much as Professor Wossit's do.

And this is probably one good reason why, as it has been pointed out to
me, we probably should not be lampooning email on this list that was
posted on another list.  Published (in print or online) is fine if we
aren't mean-spirited, but let's help maintain the fiction that emails
(even public lists) are semi-private.  Shall we do unto others as we'd
be done by?

This had to be pointed out to me, but if I ever found one of the
messages from this list being ripped apart publically elsewhere on the
Internet, I would find the guilty party, track that person down, and
make him or her wear a propeller beanie in public (not to mention I'd
probably consider it grounds for booting someone off the list).

*Sigh*.  The Internet is too public.  Don't you ever all wish we were
just in a coffee shop somewhere, and we didn't have to be so careful
about what we say?  Though I'd be talking at the top of my lungs and
none of you would get a word in edgewise, so that wouldn't work.

In any case, I'll ask this thread to stop in this form.

As a general reminder to everyone, there are both JKR-haters and
JKR-lovers on this list, but we can all agree about DWJ.

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