Rowling and elitists

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Sat Nov 1 06:39:45 EST 2003

Robyn wrote:

>>"If the reader is a car, then I am a banana," was my immediate reaction.
>This sentence IS parallel; whether it makes sense is another issue.

Ooop, sorry.  A quotation, m'lud.  When the satirical magazine *Private
Eye* was done for libel for the umpty-wibbelth time and lost the case, its
then editor said crossly, "If this is British justice, then I'm a banana,"
and went around carrying a banana for some time afterwards so that he could
pretend it was speaking and he was merely a ventriloquist's dummy.

Since that time, some people in this country have used the phrase to
demonstrate that they think some proposition is absurd.  I forget it wasn't
a universal symbol, and used it because I think the reader-as-car thing
clunks anyhow.


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