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> Why do you put Archer's Goon in here, though?  Because the seven siblings 
> have Reigner powers?
Pretty much. 

>No, but travelling between Ingary and Earth is documented!<

Yes. But is it the *same* earth?

And no. I don't include Dalemark at all. Actually, the whole thing was in the 
nature of an exercise rather than a serious suggestion.

Quite right that Jamie Hamilton is unlikely to be Romanov due to the aging 
issue. But it does certainly open up the possibility that whoever Romanov is, he 
has met and spoken with Jamie Hamilton, which is where he got the idea about 
walking the bounds rather than living on any particular world. Actually if he 
reminds me of anyone, it's Konstam, but they may simply have similar training. 
I don't think that Konstam was a magic user either, for that matter. He just 
had access to very highly developed specific technology.

Of course there may be more than one form of demon hunting. One set of 
techniques for magic users and one that was primarily teclolgical. I'm sure that if 
Romanov met one of Them, he would know what to do.
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