Merlin (with spoilers) talent and not using it

minnow at minnow at
Fri May 30 15:14:35 EDT 2003

Sallyo wrote:

>There is a school of thought
>that says failing to make use of ones talents is immoral - up to a point.

Maybe they are going by Matthew, 25, 14-30.  The bible does seem to suggest
in places that not making the most of what God has provided is if not
sinful certainly silly.  (Though I think the talents there are an alligator
for the Word of God or some such, but that isn't how it generally gets

Mind you, the other place that gets quoted on this subject, Matthew, 5, 15,
always struck me as daft, because if one lit a candle and put it under a
bushel, pretty soon there would be a great deal more light than if you put
the candle onto a candlestick; the bushel would surely go up in flames!


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