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> I have a tiny bit of experience with this reining in thing - and it doesn't
> tend to make most people feel good. I enjoy playing Scrabble, but the only
> person with whom I can play a fair-handed game is myself. If playing with
> social players or with my kids or most relatives, I had to rein in so as not
> to beat them by much - if at all. Thus they either complain that I'm not
> trying, or won't play me because I *am* trying.
> However, if I play with a *good* habitual player - i.e. my own sister or one
> particular acquaintance- I almost always lose.

You sound about my speed! Perhaps we should play email Scrabble :-) I don't 
play it very often because my husband isn't really up to my speed (I once beat 
him three games running when I was in the hospital with a temperature of 103 
or so), and the two family members who really like the game play it much better 
than I do. I expect there will be a point when my kids will be pretty good 
sparring partners for me.

I like playing it with the OED as the reference dictionary, which means one 
can make up likely-sounding words and they turn out to be in there -- I once 
won a game due to scoring a lot of points on "quab." 

I am sure there must be a way of handicapping the games to make them more 
exciting between unequal players. Now that I think about it, this would be a good 
thing to work on.

Helen Schinske
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