Re Romanov's animal

Ven vendersleighc at
Fri May 30 11:24:22 EDT 2003


<Gee, I thought that she was a cheetah.>

<but I just had a look at the 
description of Romanov's cat & it
says here: spotted, long legs, small head. And 
that *does* sound like a

I thought cheetah too but then something made me
change my mind -- oh, I remember -- cheetahs
don't climb trees!
I seem to remember it's bigger than the panther
by a stretch, so probably not a leopard. I'm
betting jaguar but still haven't got around to
checking the description against my cat book.

<It also says that Nick's panther is absolutely 
terrified of
Romanov's beastie, though whether this is due to 
being outranked by it or
just because it is ferocious & awesome I cannot 

Romanov's cat is also male irrc, and I get the
impression it's older.

<And yes, why go into all that stuff about Nick's

totem and then just drop it, 
THUD.  That annoyed me.>

Absolutely. Nick never seems to give it another
thought after it says it's busy and ignores him.


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