Merlin Conspiracy Ven's Ist impressions

Ven vendersleighc at
Fri May 30 10:52:38 EDT 2003

I said

I wonder if
> Romanov actually had to rely on the goat's
> assistance in world travelling before Mini came
> along. Nick certainly did him a favour there, 
> that's the case.

<	D'you think? I thought Romanov was a more 
powerful magician than
Nick, doesn't he have a leopard totem? Nick is 
told by those hapless
magicians he encounters initially that his 
panther totem signifies a high
adept, and I suppose I thought a leopard would 
outrank that, they talk
about Romanov being the magical surpremo after 
all (though I could imagine
that was partly hyperbole). But then again, I'm 
assuming that the more
magic one has the easier one finds it to cross 
between worlds & there's a
magid in Merlin who obviously finds it incredibly

difficult... He must
have pleny of magic & be very well trained too so

maybe something else is
needed... Or of course the hole in my head could 
have let yet another
detail go AWOL...>

NOt so much a detail as me being unclear I
suspect...... I would have thought that one big
cat was pretty much equal to another and that the
difference between Nick and Romanov is one of age
and expereience rather than quality of magecraft.
And of course Nick is further handicapped in this
area by growing up on Earth. However neither the
goat or Mini are anyone's totem and both are
rather good at travelling the worlds without
having to wander the paths (whether helping
people is a requisite for that or not). So what I
meant was that Romanov may have found a use for
the goat in this respect (travelling faster
perhaps) and that Mini was probably rather better
at it (to say nothing of the difference between
plunging around after a goat or riding on an
elephant). So the favour I meant was that of
bringing a better class of travel companion to
Romanov's island. To have said that Romanopv
"relied" on the goat was misleading.


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