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JOdel, quoting me:

> << DWJ says that Dragon Reserve came out of some early work she'd been doing
> on the Chrestomanci multiverse for LoCC, but it wasn't the same. >>
> And yet the planet with the dragons that it takes place on is actually
> mentioned in passing in Hexwood. There is clearly a connection there.

There is a connection, but not through the world.  In DRH8, the dragons come
from Sveridge.  In Hexwood they come from Lind.  I think she used a lot of ideas
from DRH8 in Hexwood - including having a character called Orm in a major role!

The Hexwood dragons don't seem to be fond of metal the way the DRH8 dragons are,

> I provisionally agree that Hexwood is not a multiverse, it is a universe with
> an interplanetary culture. I am also wholey convinced that the Archers' Goon
> world is a part of this continum.

Doesn't Hexwood mention the worlds as parts of the "galaxy"?

Why do you put Archer's Goon in here, though?  Because the seven siblings have
Reigner powers?

> And, while I'm inclined to give excemptions to Time City and Homeward
> Bounders, if one really is determined to fit all of Jonses's work into one
> the infinite loop offers the most likely scenario;
> The Koryfonic Empire at the center is an interplanetary culture, so, clearly

Is it, though?  I don't see any evidence of this.  They world-hop within the
multiverse, certainly, but interplanetary?

[snips of several others]

> Ingary and its neighbors do not feel much like a part of the infinite loop,
> but that could be an illusion based on out being too close to the action.

No, but travelling between Ingary and Earth is documented!

How, on the other hand, do you fit Dalemark into this?  Emily is supposed to
have got there from here in TTSoA, but the Dalemark novels are high fantasy in
the sense of not involving people from our world at all.

> Time City, iirc, makes a passing reference to interplanetary exploration and
> settlement, but it does not feel like an interplanetary culture. And Time City

Agreed.  In some of the later centuries, the Earth of the Time City story is
expanding to the stars, but Time City itself is only concerned with Earth.

> itself does not feel like it is connected to the infinite loop. If the Time
> City system connects to the loop it is at some other point in its continum. I
> strongly suspect that from the loop the Time City universe would look
> suspiciously like Chrestomancy series 11 which has been walled off from inside
> its Dright.

Fair enough.

[more snips]

> It does, however, open up the possiblility that Romanov, may in fact be Jamie
> Hamilton.

Eek!  That took me completely by surprise.

I don't think he is, though.  Even with his time-travelling ability.  Jamie had
only aged one year between 1879 and 1980, and wasn't going to be aging much more
quickly after that, so he should be no more than Nick's age by the time of

I also don't think Jamie is (a) a magic user or (b) able to perform his roving
anchor function from a settled home like that of Romanov.

Charlie also commented:

> It's as if some 'gravitational' force is keeping these sibling multiverses
> in some kind of parallel, despite obvious differences in their constitution.

I call this Related Worlds Magic.  It's the force that keeps the worlds related
in the Chrestomanci books and in SWM - Christopher thinks of it in terms of the
way the languages are all spoken throughout the RW, but Lawrence explains to
Zillah that it is somewhat broader than that.  In the SWM cluster of worlds,
there are three common land distributions; in the Chrestomancy RW, there seems
to be one land distribution per series.  In the latter case, this means that the
worlds must have split off hundreds of millions of years ago, so even the
presence of humans on all of them implies something is keeping them together
(unless humans wandered in from elsewhere, as in Narnia)

My view, though, for what it's worth, is that I wouldn't want to put all the
Jones books into one universe, or even one multiverse.  There are too many
things that work in a different way.  The fate of analogues when you go world
hopping in CL and SWM has been mentioned, and I would add the lack of it in
other multiverses.  The behaviour of time in SWM compared to DS is another: in
SWM the relationship between times in thwo universes is unpredictable, while in
DS Dakros can give Rupert until dinner time to solve a problem, and then turn up
just after lunch when Rupert doesn't do so.  (It bothers me that the imperial
capital, the Thalangian colony, and England seem to be in the same time zone,

OTOH I could agree that Roland Chesney is from a world just naywards of ours,
and Derk and friends from somewhere quite a way ayewards...

Just some thoughts...


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