Multiverses (was; Merlin)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Thu May 29 14:25:13 EDT 2003

> It does, however, open up the possiblility that Romanov, may in fact be
> Hamilton.

Wow, the syncretistic impulses in all that are going to take some
unravelling! I'm not at all convinced that DWJ wants all her stories to fit
into the same overall cosmogony, a la Tolkien, but that's a pretty good
attempt to show how it would be, if so.

To bring in a slight worry of my own this context, how would DWJ's interest
in hypothetical history fit in, in this context? This notion is most fully
explored in Witch Week, I think, but it's mentioned elsewhere. I mean the
idea that universes split off from each other at certain significant points
of history (what transhistorical being/mechanism decides whether a specific
event is sufficiently significant being one of a number of moot points). It
strikes me - and Blest is a good example here - that if there were some such
event in the distant past, after which presumably history would have
blundered on in its random way in both universes, that Blest and Britain
have much too much in common. Blest after all is a world in which magic is
taken for granted, and yet it features buses, and telephones (under a
different name) and such characters as Old Sarum who seem to relate quite
specifically to various events in the non-magical history of Norman Britain.
It's as if some 'gravitational' force is keeping these sibling multiverses
in some kind of parallel, despite obvious differences in their constitution.


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