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<< DWJ says that Dragon Reserve came out of some early work she'd been doing 
on the Chrestomanci multiverse for LoCC, but it wasn't the same. >>

And yet the planet with the dragons that it takes place on is actually 
mentioned in passing in Hexwood. There is clearly a connection there. And I think I 
provisionally agree that Hexwood is not a multiverse, it is a universe with an 
interplanetary culture. I am also wholey convinced that the Archers' Goon 
world is a part of this continum.

There is nothing that would prevent it from being one particularly advanced 
culture within one of the recognized multiverses, however.

And, while I'm inclined to give excemptions to Time City and Homeward 
Bounders, if one really is determined to fit all of Jonses's work into one structure, 
the infinite loop offers the most likely scenario; 

The Koryfonic Empire at the center is an interplanetary culture, so, clearly 
another interplanetary culture like that of the Reigners could also be a 
member of the infinite loop. The multi-series universes such as Chrestomancy's 
could presumably also connect to the loop at the point of their "between places", 
or that the whole series is a segment of the loop with the between place 
forming a portion of the loop itself, and each string of worlds in the series 
leading off from it like a fringe. These "fringe series" universes have a stronger 
interconnection since their populations have analogues between the worlds 
within the series and are displaced when a member of such a group shifts from one 
to another. Where such a fringe system fits along the Aywards-Naywards 
alignments might be determined by some external factor, such as the overall magical 
alignment of the series as a whole, ratyher than that of the individual worlds. 
So that even such a magic-resistant world as Chrestomancy 12-B might only be 
one world within a series which is positioned decidedly Aywards.

Sudden Wild Magic takesa place in one of these fringe series universes. The 
intergalactic bus made it's unauthorized journey from one strand to another 
across the void rather than by way of the between place. Perhaps this is why the 
analogues died rather than displacing to the next strand. Or perhaps the 
Chrestomancy universe series has additional protections which the Pentarchy has not 
yet developed.

Ingary and its neighbors do not feel much like a part of the infinite loop, 
but that could be an illusion based on out being too close to the action.

Time City, iirc, makes a passing reference to interplanetary exploration and 
settlement, but it does not feel like an interplanetary culture. And Time City 
itself does not feel like it is connected to the infinite loop. If the Time 
City system connects to the loop it is at some other point in its continum. I 
strongly suspect that from the loop the Time City universe would look 
suspiciously like Chrestomancy series 11 which has been walled off from inside by its 

Which brings us to The Homeward Bounders. The demonic entities whose game has 
caught Jamie Hamilton and his companions are using the loop as their playing 
stage. Their forces have thrown the Homeward Bounders out into the world of 
the loop and are jerking the players from world to world regardless of series or 
alignment. (or, perhaps it is jerking them systematically from one universe 
to the next along the loop.) With the additional information that has 
accumulated since HB was written it is tempting to postulate that They might possibly 
be the prayermasters, but indications are that They are imediately recognizable 
as non-human. 

It does, however, open up the possiblility that Romanov, may in fact be Jamie 
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