Merlin (with spoilers) Grundo, Coercion

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu May 29 09:33:14 EDT 2003

> the situation. And I agree with you that one should make best use of one's
> talents, I'm just attempting to draw a distinction between using talents
> and abusing them. I suppose what I'm trying to say is, to use your
> example, that I think there's nothing wrong with being more intelligent
> than others and thus doing better in school, because I would regard that
> as being a Valid Arena for that particular talent, but I think there is
> something dodgy about being more intelligent than others & deliberately
> using that talent to belittle them or make them feel small.

Nice distinction. Talk about grey areas, though! I had a discussion about
Relative Importance with my daughter once, and we couldn't find any common
ground. She opined (very PC) that you should never judge people by the way
they dress. I opine that anyone who wears a threatening scowl and jingles
with chains and has nasty comments tattooed on their hands is likely to be
treated with caution -  and with good reason. I opined that the threat of
not using conditioner in the hair, once, was not worth the trouble of
tramping around a strange town after dark, trying desperately to find an
after hours shop that stocked conditioner. She said it was worth the
trouble. I would rather buy books and wear older clothes, she would rather
be in fashion and borrow books. I could go on. And yes, we get along most of
the time.
We just have our Own Opinions.


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