Merlin (with spoilers): the great hitch-hike.

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Philip had

>Another small thought about Merlin.
>When Roddy and Grundo are travelling to London to Maxwell Hyde's place, they
>start by hitch-hiking, because they have no resouces to do otherwise.
>But they fall in first with the hereditary witches, and later with the Lady of
>Governance, who are willing to help them, and expend quite a lot of magic doing
>so.  But the journey still feels like a hitch-hike - they are choosing methods
>of travel for minimum cost, rather than maximum effectiveness.  Is there no
>public transport on which they could have bought passage?  Or are all these
>magic users really so poor?  I am puzzled.

Well, Judith drives them to Mrs. Candace because they are being chucked out
of the house for freeing the slaves from the regalia, and they aren't to be
trusted to do anything off their own bats -- and whether there is public
transport 'cross country other than a bus every second Tuesday, who knows?
If Blest is like rural England, there may not *be* any public transport for
that leg of the journey. And 'it was a long, long drive'.  That bit
definitely isn't their choice of destination, they're more like prisoners
on remand than people going where they want to; they're being taken to
someone who will 'know how to deal with them'.

Then Mrs. Candace is sending them to Roddy's grandfather, and taking
responsibility for their arriving there.  If I were sending two totally
inexperienced people to an address in London where they'd never been, and
had a chauffeur available, I'd probably do it that way too, rather then
leave them to struggle by themselves with an unfamiliar underground railway
system.  I don't think it's a matter of thinking about cash. it's just
making sure that two irresponsible young people don't get into trouble, or
make any more trouble than they already have.

The people who are shoving them around the country have cars, so they use
them.  That's all.


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