Romanov's animal

Charles Butler hannibal at
Thu May 29 07:07:18 EDT 2003

>Gee, I thought that she was a cheetah.

I was reminded (for a while) of Pullman's daemon idea, and particularly Lord Asriel's, which is of course a snow leopard.

>I also thought that Grundo was a weird, silly name.  Am I missing some great joke here?

I don't think it counts as a joke - but Grundo is (IIRC) the name of the magical land where Teddy Ruxpin lives! Whether DWJ was thinking of that I don't know - otherwise the word reminds me of 'grunge' more than anything.

>I have often thought that DWJ's 'sequel' titles were not as strong or as satisfying as the 'first' novels.

That's true of most sequels generally, isn't it? Though I like 9LCC almost the best of the Chrestomancis. I don't think I agree about this one, either - partly because I'm not sure it is a sequel, or the same kind of book at all. But my thoughts on this haven't yet assembled themselves into a sensible order, so I'll stay stumm for now.

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