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Thu May 29 06:49:11 EDT 2003

Charlie wrote of my search for Charles Causley,

>He was certainly alive as of a year or so ago, not that that's much use to
>you. But you might try his local newspaper - he lives/lived in Liskeard from
>what I remember. The number for the _Cornish Times_/ _Liskeard, Looe and
>Saltash Gazette_ is 01579 342174.

As you then said, it was Launceton he lived.  I pursued this via local
paper, an idea which hadn't occurred to me.  Thank you very much!

>Please tell us the result of your search, if you come up with definitive

The Western Morning News, based in Plymouth, carried a news story this
month in which 'local poet Charles Causley' was supporting something or
someone, apparently.  So he is still alive (or at least, he was earlier
this month), my panic was needless, and I am very grateful for the
suggestion of the local press as a source.

Maybe he'll produce another 'slim volume'...

(Now I am left wondering which other poet whose work I like was the one who
died some time in the past couple of years.  Maybe I was thinking of David



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