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Thu May 29 06:22:42 EDT 2003

Helen Schinske wrote:

>I couldn't STAND the Izzies. One of my particular pet peeves is myths about
>twins (myths in the sense of potentially harmful untruths). Identical
>twins are
>just not like that, and even in fantasy it seems unfair to use them that way.

I think there might be some identical twins who are.  Just as there are
some redheads who do have filthy tempers, and some very absent-minded

I have known identical twins who were pretty weird about their
identicalness, insisted on always dressing identically, wouldn't ever say
which of them it was you were talking to (and even their mother got them
the wrong way round quite often), finished each other's sentences, got ill
if they were separated (and always got the same things wrong at the same
time, even things like a wart each in the same place on one hand), still
shared a bedroom at the age of fifty, and had a private language between
themselves.  That's a whole bunch of identicals-cliches, isn't it -- I
can't say myths, because they are not untruth at all, but observed fact in
that particular case.  On the other hand I also know a pair of identicals
who might as well be from different planets, so I would hesitate to
generalise about the subject...

Besides, the Izzies were doing it on purpose; they were playing up to an image.

And whilst I think, they too were indulging in altering people's minds
(well, two people's minds, Judith and Hepzibah) by magic, weren't they?
And they had a lot less excuse than Grundo for it.


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