Merlin (with spoilers) Grundo, Coercion

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu May 29 05:32:05 EDT 2003

> to coerce someone. Both can be seen as people using every weapon in their
> armouries.

We all use what we have though, don't we? Politicians use presence, so do
actors. Models use their faces and posture to get/do things other people
can't. Inventors use a talent other people don;t have. Highly intelligent
people use their talent to pass exams etc... in Real Life no one is ever
equal. Some people have an edge - they inherited looks, charm, money,
endurance or brains that other people don't have. Does anyone ever say they
mustn't use it? Do we tell a natural runner to slow down in the race so the
less gifted can keep up?

Sallyo - *not* advocating unscrupulous dealings, just idly wondering if
magic talent is any more unfair than - say - genius.

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