Charles Butler hannibal at
Thu May 29 02:42:57 EDT 2003

> I haven't heard of Changeover...

Changeover was DWJ's very first novel - for adults, pub. 1970. It's also
notoriously rare and hard to find. It's about an African country on the
verge of independence, in which a  memo about doing something to mark the
changeover from British rule is misheard as a warning about a terrorist
called Mark Changeover. Emperor's new clothes style, no one wants to admit
to not having heard of Mark Changeover, and the misunderstanding escalates
until in the end someone has to be found to fit the bill.

It's a comedy/satire, a bit like Evelyn Waugh's Scoop, say, though not as
good. Magic doesn't come into it at all. I much prefer Margaret Mahy's 'The
Changeover' (1984)!


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