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Thu May 29 00:04:23 EDT 2003

Just twigged to another replay reversal here. I think someone else refered to 
it as well.

Nick and Maree are similar to Roddy and Grundo, of course and blindingly so. 
With no coercions on either side. However. the real configuration we are 
getting a flip side to is Cat and Gwendolyn chant. In both cases, the younger boy 
is clinging to the older girl, in both cases the boy's innate magical strength 
is greater, in both cases the boy has a genuine handicap that has to be worked 
around. And in both cases the story is told from the point of view of the 
person being used. Where it differs is that in this case the girl did volunteer 
for the position in the first place, and the boy is not using her for ignoble 
means, he is using her to survive.
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