Merlin -- intended audience data/'universe' or 'world'

Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed May 28 18:13:43 EDT 2003

> Just off the top of my head -- I get the impression that it's a case of
> there being many linked sets of universes with different levels of magic
> taking place in each one, and different Powers existing in each
> multiverse.  The characters don't seem to be capable of going outside
> own multiverse based on the events in the various books...  So
> would be the magical ruler of his multiverse, but the Reigners are the
> in control in theirs, the Magid network exists in DS & Merlin, so on and
> forth.

I'm not sure the Hexwood set-up counts as a multiverse - like Jennifer (if I
understand her correctly) I see that more as a case of different planets
within the same universe. I haven't read all DWJ yet, but the only three
true multiverses I've come across so far are the Chrestomanci, DS/MC and
Homeward Bounders ones.

>There are distinct differences between multiverses, too -- the
> Chrestomanci's universes are structured so magic is focused in the souls
> living beings, whereas the multiverse that Merlin/DS take place in
> specifies that the magic comes from nature.

Yes, there does seem to be a difference of emphasis at least, though you
could always say that the magic focused through living beings has its roots
in nature anyway...


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