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Rowland, Jennifer A B danced around singing:
>The travel between worlds reminded me of the Place Between in LoCC.
>Especially the rocky trail, obviously, but also the way Nick slips into the
>wood, and the leaping between the islands that the goat leads. It just feels

It also reminds me of the travel between worlds in Homeward Bounders and 
also in Hexwood.

>What else makes me think that the "worlds" are universes is probably the
>Ayewards/Naywards thing- I find it easier to think of universes which are
>more or less magical, rather than planets within the same universe. DS and
>Merlin certainly seem different to Hexwood to me, and I think that is set
>all in one cosmos.

Just off the top of my head -- I get the impression that it's a case of 
there being many linked sets of universes with different levels of magic 
taking place in each one, and different Powers existing in each 
multiverse.  The characters don't seem to be capable of going outside their 
own multiverse based on the events in the various books...  So Chrestomanci 
would be the magical ruler of his multiverse, but the Reigners are the ones 
in control in theirs, the Magid network exists in DS & Merlin, so on and so 
forth.  There are distinct differences between multiverses, too -- the 
Chrestomanci's universes are structured so magic is focused in the souls of 
living beings, whereas the multiverse that Merlin/DS take place in 
specifies that the magic comes from nature.

I also get the impression that there can be related multiverses in the same 
sense that there are multiverses of related universes, or as DWJ calls 
them, the Related Worlds.  That would explain why there are near-identical 
characters at various ages scattered throughout the multiverses -- they're 
probably the same individuals on the most basic level.  I felt like the 
powers in Hexwood and those in Homeward Bounders were distinctly related, 
while Deep Secret, Merlin, and Sudden Wild Magic certainly seemed to have 
similar structures for their magic users iirc.

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