Merlin Conspiracy Ven's Ist impressions

Anna Clare McDuff amcduff at
Wed May 28 17:24:20 EDT 2003

On Wed, 28 May 2003, Ven wrote:

> Merlin does seem to demand that yet another book
> is written about Nick. And btw the panther is a
> girl!

	<grin> This is *not* my week for details! First forgetting Howl's
disdain for love charms & then getting my genders in a twist... next thing
you know I'll be thinking Cat Chant was short for Catriona...

> into the snooty school library. I wonder if
> Romanov actually had to rely on the goat's
> assistance in world travelling before Mini came
> along. Nick certainly did him a favour there, if
> that's the case.

	D'you think? I thought Romanov was a more powerful magician than
Nick, doesn't he have a leopard totem? Nick is told by those hapless
magicians he encounters initially that his panther totem signifies a high
adept, and I suppose I thought a leopard would outrank that, they talk
about Romanov being the magical surpremo after all (though I could imagine
that was partly hyperbole). But then again, I'm assuming that the more
magic one has the easier one finds it to cross between worlds & there's a
magid in Merlin who obviously finds it incredibly difficult... He must
have pleny of magic & be very well trained too so maybe something else is
needed... Or of course the hole in my head could have let yet another
detail go AWOL...

> I'm still not entirely sure about which three
> encounters on the Paths actually count as Nick's
> three helpful acts -- Mini is obviously one and
> Roddy another but I'm not sure about the
> embroiderers. I have a feeling that it may have
> been the Prayermaster since he put a tracer on
> Nick to locate Romanov.

	Oh that's an idea, the impression I was under was that the three
helpful act thing wasn't a real condition, just a bit of superstition from
someone not very well versed in world travel. Doesn't it come from Maxwell
Hyde? Or is that my cranial lacuna speaking again?


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