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Philip.Belben at danced around singing:
>Now the Guide to Dalemark says very little about it, except to link it 
>with "the
>basic pattern of a net".  Some centuries previously, Mallard and Tanamil made
>amulets for the defenders of Credindale, on which was painted a # sign to
>represent a net.  I think (less sure about this) that Roddy also mentions 
>the #
>symbol in connection with the Knots and Crosses spell.
>But what is #?  It is the game board for playing NOUGHTS and Crosses!  If you
>speak with a Scottish accent, "Noughts" and "Knots" are pronounced 
>I believe.

You're right, she does -- I just finished reading the book yesterday and 
she specifically states near the end that the net-type spells are done with 
either the hash used for the game tic-tac-toe, or a cat's cradle.  Also I 
believe that in TLoCC the idea of using a cat's cradle is mentioned at 
least once, and wasn't a net also used to capture many of Gabriel's 
lives?  (Or am I mixing that up with the short story in Mixed Magics?)

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