totally OT call for Help!

minnow at minnow at
Wed May 28 15:50:36 EDT 2003

Please forgive me, this is a bit of a last-ditch attempt to find out
something that someone here is sure to know, well-informed lot that you all

I need the other half of the dates for the poet Charles Causley, born 1917.
I am sure I remember reading or hearing that he died, quite recently, but
can't find anything to support this (and someone has done a net-search for
me too).  I'd ever so much rather be wrong and learn that he's still
living, writing, vigorous...  but if he's not, and I want to quote one of
his poems in an essay, I want to be able to put (1917-200?) with the ? a
number, after his name.

Can anyone find this information?  By tomorrow?  My deadline is Friday...

Thank you in advance.


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