Merlin (with spoilers was RE: Ready for Merlin?

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Wed May 28 05:57:32 EDT 2003

Ven wrote:
> I really didn't
> take to Grundo he reminds me a bit of Sam in Time
> City, another unappealing boy. I find Grundo more
> reprehensible than Nick was in DS but then Nick
> didn't have to enchant Maree to act like his big
> sister. 

It's difficult to get a proper view of Grundo, Roddy can't be objective
about him, and Nick is clearly jealous. When they are with Roddy's
Grandfather, and Roddy isn't having to protect him, is probably when he
shows up best, and I liked the way he talked to Gwyn.

(Oh, another resonance! Grandfather Gwyn seems quite like the One. Although
Roddy's mother isn't nearly as mythic as Tanaqui's. I wonder who Annie's
mother was?)
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