Merlin -- intended audience data/'universe' or 'world'

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Wed May 28 05:52:27 EDT 2003

Minnow wrote:
> By the way, I'm not certain about it being 'the same 
> universe'.  DWJ has carefully called the different places 
>'worlds', but Blest is an analogue of Britain, and I begin 
> to wonder how much each 'world' is rather more similar to 
> the places in the Chrestomanci set-up than to a different 
> planet 

The travel between worlds reminded me of the Place Between in LoCC.
Especially the rocky trail, obviously, but also the way Nick slips into the
wood, and the leaping between the islands that the goat leads. It just feels
What else makes me think that the "worlds" are universes is probably the
Ayewards/Naywards thing- I find it easier to think of universes which are
more or less magical, rather than planets within the same universe. DS and
Merlin certainly seem different to Hexwood to me, and I think that is set
all in one cosmos.
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