Merlin (with spoilers was RE: Ready for Merlin?

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Tue May 27 18:32:00 EDT 2003

Hallie asked:

>> Another question then: are there other examples of characters (other
>> than villains, obviously) using magic for ends which are essentially
>> selfish, and how do they react?  Oh yes, Polly doing the spying just
>> came to mind, and she's the first to say it was a terrible thing to
>> do - other ones?

and Charlie offered:

>Howl and his love charms spring to mind.

How about the young Christopher Chant using his magic to ingratiate himself
with his Wicked Uncle Ralph, and causing all that trouble in several
universes, not to mention a lot of dead mermaids?  He suffers quite badly
in terms of remorse when he is forced to realise what the traffic was that
he was helping with.


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