Merlin Conspiracy Ven's Ist impressions

Anna Clare McDuff amcduff at
Tue May 27 08:58:30 EDT 2003

On Mon, 26 May 2003, Ven wrote:

> This is another reversal of polarity. Maree had a
> thorn virus in her computer which was killing
> her, Roddy gains a set of thorny plants in her
> head which act like computer files, and which are
> life enhancing.

	Yes, I hadn't thought of that before, but now you mention it I
think it's lovely. Such a nice touch!

> <too little made of Nick's cat.>
> I sort of wonder what Nick's panther was doing in
> this book, though it's a very nice panther and
> all.

	I would have liked to see more of him too. I suppose he served a
purpose in foreshadowing Nick's great magical powers, but I would have
really liked to know what he was for exactly, what else he could do and
what his relationship with Nick was going to be... especially since (if I
remember correctly, I must re-read) at one point he seemed to be with Nick
and at another point he was busy with his own stuff & didn't want to be
bothered with Nick. It was intriguing. I suppose most of that explanation
would happen during Nick's training though, which is some time after the
end of the book... <sigh>

	And while we're giving first impressions I think my favourite
scene in the book was when Nick was given his Loggia City Public Works 1
Standard Meal Token and had to climb up from level 11 to level 14, passing
levels 11a, 11b, 12, 12a, 12b, 13, 13a, and 13b to redeem it for his
choice of nipling and colly or klaptico. Life is so often like that :-)


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