Merlin Conspiracy Ven's Ist impressions

Ven vendersleighc at
Mon May 26 20:16:15 EDT 2003

As I wrote a while back I made a little file for
my first impressions. As with all my first drafts
at speed it's a little hard to read.......
However if I edit I'll be tempted to improve and
then it won't be first impressions any more so
here with paragraph by paragraph translations is
what I thought just after my first read. Oh and
plus editorial comments too.

Bits in <> are my original stuff, things in
brackets are interpolations, unmarked stuff is

<Merlin conspiracy first impressions,

Loved Nicks story, esp Romanov and the elephant
and leeds!!!!>

I've forgotten what I meant by Leeds, something
to do with the Prayermasters city (see below).

<Roddy's tale less satisfying. her and Grundo,
nevre got much of an imprsession of grundop cos
Roddy pov (point of view) thus didn't care much
about him and type of bioy he was. Toby better.
thuds resolution of problem (grundo's) at nick's
hands seemed a nbit unstisfyiong (unsatisfying).
Liked R's rellies (Roddy's assortment of

<Refelections lots of dwjs own work, charmed life
garden, sacrifice, merlin/chrestomanci.

Howl, mrs candace and mrs penstemmon was so sure
mrs C was dead, as a result.

Deep secret: murder of PM by boys a reversal of
the murder of kids by whoirts (whosit), like
Rupert, Nick  was pointing in the wrong direction
 at the time, missing real threat boys and
himself!!!! >

The boys, not the Prayermaster were the real
threat to him and Romanov. 

<Also DS flowers and thornlady.>

This is another reversal of polarity. Maree had a
thorn virus in her computer which was killing
her, Roddy gains a set of thorny plants in her
head which act like computer files, and which are
life enhancing. 

 <think r and g meant to be like m and nick. must
reassess gunfo
poor salamanders.>

self explanatory! 

<c od reflec nick to weavers embs and maewien to

Crown of Dalemark compare Nick and the
embroiderers to Maewen and the miners (she tells
them about strikes)

<endiign (ending) felt a little obvious, lost the
dramatuic tension for me. dwjs endings not
strongest this one is more important in  how it
relates to bioik as whole, less dram more
thruth!!!!!! huh!!!! >

"less dram more thruth!!!!!! huh!!!!" Oh deary
deary me! I seem to be saying that the ending is
a good resolution of the book but I wasn't
satisfyed with the dramatic quality. "Huh" I take
to mean that it's better that way really. 

<Flower info dump great. what wildflowers aren't
a bit dry and spiky huh? >

<Bad hiopps (hips) dwjas and mine wierd, had to
stop reading when 1st got to that lady!!!!!>

refers to my earlier email about how Merlin C
cured my sciatica.

<Prayermasters city only after left iot for ist
time realised one of my dream places, nionsencse
of course, nbbut I will call it leeds >

Aha, Leeds! That city really reminded me of a
city I have been to in dreams, which in turn has
Leeds as a starting point. Is Leeds actually
mentioned in MC?

<Best bits, elephant in tuunnels Romanov 
romanovs place like Urhar's (Homeward Bounders),
also Hathaway's (Archers Goon) Simons etc.>

<too little made of Nick's cat.>

I sort of wonder what Nick's panther was doing in
this book, though it's a very nice panther and

Hope this all makes sense, I've had a lot more
ideas since but this should be enough for now.


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