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Fri May 23 18:06:32 EDT 2003

On Fri, 23 May 2003, Anna Clare McDuff wrote:
|	Ooh, this sounds good, who is she? Must say I've never heard of
|her before. But given how much I've been enjoying other recommendations
|from this list (Death Of The Necromancer was especially good & I'm
|enjoying the bits I've read so far of College of Magics) I'd love to know!

Sally Watson is not a writer of Quality Literature, in the DWJ sense of
quality.  Her books are great fun, romps in which a girl in a historical
setting (ranging from 1500s Britain to 1930s Trans-Jordan/Palestine, at
my best recollection) has a funky feminist coming of age.  So a 19th
century teenager becomes a pirate who frees slaves rather than becoming
a lady, and a 17th century girl runs away from home and lives with
pickpockets, and a perky little Jacobite does her bit for Bonny Prince
Charlie.  They tend to wear boy's clothes.  My favorite two, by far, are
Jade and Linnet, and it looks like Linnet hasn't come back into print,
yet.  Very 1960s, and very fun.

deborah at suberic.net
What does it matter whether we hang,
If we've learned a little wisdom?	-- _Jade_, Sally Watson

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