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Fri May 23 11:37:21 EDT 2003

Anna wrote:
> 	Yeah, and what else could be expected of him? I mean look at the
> upbringing he's had, poor boy! But I think in Merlin he 
> begins to learn that if he's going to continue to survive in tight corners

> he's going to have to stop assuming that everyone feels the same way about

> things as he does, and that he's going to have to stop focusing solely on
> interests him and learn to seek out perspectives that aren't 
> immediately obvious to him...

I have a sneaking hope that just after Nick finishes training and sets out
to become an Amazing Lone Ranger, he gets made an offer he can't refuse to
become a Magid and has to obey those boring old rules after all.   

Speaking of Nick's training, Romanov... on the first read I thought he was a
bit too much of a McGuffin/deus ex machina, but the second time I noticed
that he really hadn't solved everyone's problems at the end as much as it
had seemed. He'd freed the adults from Blest, but Roddy worked out the spell
and the twins distracted Joel (or was it Japeth?), and then he didn't arrive
until after the land had been raised. I think it was partly the way Nick
built on him and partly the way he swept through all the questions at the
end, Grundo is his son, Nick will train with him, etc. 
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