Ready for Merlin?

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Thu May 22 18:57:39 EDT 2003

>So let's start:
>Do people think this Nick is the same Nick from DS?  I'm not sure he's
>as selfish as he and Maree tell us he is.  Even pretending to be...

Well, he's a bit older, isn't he? And also having had those adventures 
might have mellowed his selfishness. I also think he uses it as an excuse 
in a backwards pride kind of way: "I'm selfish, so I don't have to do X". I 
think it is arguable, though, whether Nick ever does anything he truly 
doesn't want to do. He's not *lazy*, but he does things because his 
interest has been piqued or he is hoping for a return of some kind, rather 
than because he thinks something is the right thing to do. I think it is an 
interesting attribute in a protagonist, because stereotypical heroes are 
often characterised by being the opposite of selfish.

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