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Thu May 22 13:23:11 EDT 2003

On Thu, 22 May 2003, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:

> I think Nick is like a lot of people- thinks of himself as selfish (and is
> so, in unimportant things) but will do the right thing in the end - or to
> put it another way, Nick is a slitherer-outer like Howl.

	I kind of agree, I mean I think that is the way Nick ends up, but
I think one of the few firm threads that links DS & Merlin is the story of
Nick growing up & learning to fight his own faults (shades of Archer's
Goon!), with selfishness being a major adversary for him. Even during DS
Nick gets some way along this path, at the end he is able to ask Babylon
for Maree rather than ask for his own wish, to be a Magid. I think I said
something earlier, buried under scads of spoiler space, about how
impressed I was by the end of Merlin.  The way Nick has grown during the
novel has left him at the end willing to do something the Nick of DS or
the early chapters of Merlin just wouldn't have. Giving up the immediate
glamour & adventure of learning magic on another world to look after his
adopted Dad is a sign of the beginnings of real maturity... And then of
course in Merlin we also have a younger boy just at the beginning to
learning to not be so selfish, Grundo...


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