Ready for Merlin?

deborah deborah at
Thu May 22 12:38:15 EDT 2003

Right, I'm back from my tri-country Buffy Finale Fest (met in Birmingham
England with my sister from B'ham and a friend from Galway) and am ready
to talk Merlin.  So I say we don't need spoiler space at this point,
bt the subject line should include "Merlins spoilers".  If nothing else
that will make the thread easier to find and resuciatate in the archives
(which are somewhat broken and which I am now investigating) when people
get a chance to read it who haven't yet.

So let's start:

Do people think this Nick is the same Nick from DS?  I'm not sure he's
as selfish as he and Maree tell us he is.  Even pretending to be...

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most of them grow up at last, but they are not particularly admirable,
enfin.  They are against everything, for nothing. -- _Jade_

On Fri, 16 May 2003, Kale wrote:

|Rebecca D. Ganetzky wrote:
|> I'm ready for Merlin, now.  I know I was the person that said I
|> wasn't when Ven how about everyone else?
|I'm ready.  What are the rules?  Spoiler space or no?
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