Brust's "Issola" -- spoilers

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Tue May 20 01:14:26 EDT 2003

Well, I just finished Brust's "Issola", the most-recent Vlad Taltos 
novel. If you don't want the ending spoiled, don't read further down 
this message.









This one makes up for "Dragon" (which I didn't really like as much as 
the other books). Wow! A little exposition heavy at the beginning. 
But the ending!

I decided that Teldra was my favorite character in the entire series 
about 5 pages before she "died". I had to put the book down for a few 
minutes after that happened. Then I read on. I'll be really 
interested to see where Brust takes this now that Vlad has a 
semi-sentient weapon which is imbued with the soul (?) of Teldra.

And now, having rushed through all 9 books in the series in record 
time, I have to wait. At least I have his other books set in this 
world to pass the summer!

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