Mind control in days of yore

Nat case ncase at hedbergmaps.com
Mon May 19 11:13:16 EDT 2003

>In <005601c31bf0$174b7cf0$393486d9 at CharliePC>, Charles Butler wrote:
>>>  Taming of the Shrew? :-)  Seriously, are you looking for examples in
>>>  children's books pre-Mesmer, or any literature?
>>I'm looking for any pre-nineteenth century examples (not necessarily
>>children's lit) where one person uses some kind of power (whether it be
>>magic, drugs, or whatever) in such as way as to gain complete control over
>>another person (including their will, perception, memory, bodily control,
>  >etc), either permanently or temporarily.

What about the Assassins, the hashishim?

And I'm curious if there's another shift in the twentieth century as 
mob control by mass-media demagoguery took place: could we imagine 
Tolkien's orcs and uruk-hai without Hitler et al.

Nat Case
Nat Case
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