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Fri May 16 12:46:31 EDT 2003

I agree that a lot of students arrive at college woefully ignorant about 
research and documentation. I teach composition, and I spend a lot of time 
in class explaining how and why we document. This is why I am then really 
tough on plagiarisers. If I spend 3 or 4 classes talking about these issues 
and working with them on understanding them, I am not at all open to the 
"didn't understand what to do" excuse.

>- We are hearing from more and more students that there is so much grade 
>pressure (they need high grades to get into grad school or to get the job 
>they want) and so much work to do that they feel they don't have any other 

I hear this, too, especially from non-native English speakers. But if I 
catch them, they get an F. And I say this a number of times during the 
semester. So if they have any sense at all, it isn't a logical reason. I 
think this is what they say to get sympathy when they are being interviewed 
about the plagiarism. It sounds better than "I couldn't be bothered".


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