The Dollmage

Abigail Gawith A.Gawith at
Fri May 16 08:43:03 EDT 2003

I've just read _The Dollmage_, on Melissa's recommendation.  (Side note: I
got it from; when I went to to see if there were any
reviews up, I saw that they suggest you buy it with, wait for it, _The
Merlin Conspiracy_...)

I thought it was fantastic; I don't have anything intelligent to say about
it, but I wanted to second (third?) the recommendation, and to thank
Melissa.  Thank you, Melissa. :)

I think the publishers have done the book a disservice though; it's amazing
how unpromising the summary on the back makes it sound!  Nothing there at
all to cue a prospective reader in to the fact that this book is

Next up: _Sorcery and Cecelia_. :)  

Which I notice has a copyright date of 2003, with the subsidiary comment
"first published as _Sorcery and Cecelia_ in 1988".  Does anyone know if
there have been changes to the text, or is the change to the title alone
(it's been expanded to _Sorcery & Cecelia, or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot_)
sufficient to merit a new copyright date?

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