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Thu May 15 15:06:38 EDT 2003

Anna wrote:

>So if JK Rowling ever claimed that she was the very first person to
>have written about a young everyboy who has an utterly miserable,
>downtrodden life until he discovers he has great powers & is actually a
>very special person indeed, I would, when I had finished laughing, begin
>to list sources...

I don't think *she* has ever made any claim to originality herself (bless
us, she did at one point say she owed a lot to DWJ, on Radio 4 no less!);
it's the claims made for her that can be a bit absurd.

What raises my hackles is such stuff for instance as the arts programme on
R4 a while back, which had a bunch of Serious Lit'ry Theorists talking
about JKR's work, and one of them said, "Of course, this is the first time
anyone has taken a group of youngsters and shown them growing up in a
series of books."

It really isn't J.K. Rowling's fault if such idiots make claims for her
work that she wouldn't make for it herself, but it also isn't really
surprising that children who haven't read anything else yet should assume
JKR is the original, when they and their parents hear garbage like that
from Authorities In The Field.


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