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Abe Gross argross at
Thu May 15 09:54:27 EDT 2003

> Minnow:
> > I wonder what a Hebrew translation of DS or Merl would have for 'magid'.
> > I'd tend to assume it would be some word based on whatever the Hebrew
> > is for 'magic', rather than being a word related to (checks back-posts)
> > that for 'a (usually itinerant) Jewish preacher or teacher', which was
> what
> > Ros said 'maggid' means.

I didn't exactly say that 'maggid' *means* that. "Maggid" refers to a kind
of Jewish preacher at a particular historical period.  But this is an
interesting question, because "maggid" is actually a word in modern Hebrew
as well. If the Hebrew translation used DWJ's term "Maggid", might it be
confusing to Hebrew speakers?



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