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 I wrote:
>> I wonder if they even asked DWJ about that
> >bit.
> >

> I don't think she knew it existed.  :-)
> Wouldn't her opinion only be useful if she spoke fluent German?

Yes and no. If you do a "total" translation, it doesn't matter what the
author thinks about the pronouciation of names sheinvented, they might even be
changed to capture the meaning. But, as in many dubbed films, we don't get
"total" translations from English to German. (E.g. Cat is called Cat, not Katze
or Kater, and it is still referred to nine lives.) In movies an TV Series, all
the names remain English, and are pronouced English. People say Mr., Sir,
Special Agent. This used to be different, in older movies you might get Herr
Brown, or even Herr Braun, which sounds terribly dated. The reason for these
"incomplete" translations might be that a most German speak English and that
the language is popular, e.g. in commercials, to make products appear modern
and cool. As we've got Jane, Cat and Gwendolyn, all pronouced English in CL, we
might also pronouced Chrestomanci the English way, and then they might have


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