Kathleen Jennings s368333 at
Wed May 14 19:20:09 EDT 2003

> Anna
> > It has several meanings, but I think the one your Mum was using
> > was the slang term "A fool, a simpleton, a 'juggins'. To talk muggins,
> > say silly foolish things."
> I think both 'muggins' and 'mug' suggest something a little more precise
> than 'fool' or 'simpleton' - namely someone who is easily taken advantage
> by others. That's how I've always understood it, and it seems to fit in
> Ven's mother's usage too.

My father (Australian) uses muggins in another way - "And who has to do it?
Muggins here, that's who," or "And they got muggins to...", in which context
"muggins" refers to himself.


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