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Wed May 14 18:49:08 EDT 2003

Charlie wrote:

>> I wonder what a Hebrew translation of DS or Merl would have for 'magid'.
>> I'd tend to assume it would be some word based on whatever the Hebrew now
>> is for 'magic', rather than being a word related to (checks back-posts)
>> that for 'a (usually itinerant) Jewish preacher or teacher', which was
>> Ros said 'maggid' means.
>But hey, don't we have a Hebrew translator on this list? Are you out there,

Oh, yippee, a source for accurate information instead of just having to
guess!  <gloat> <gloat>  Please Gili, what *would* be likely?  Only can we
have it in the alphabet my email programme will read, in some sort of

Hopeful Minnow

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