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--- Philip.Belben at wrote:
> A few weeks ago, someone on this list revealed that
> Islington no longer had the
> worst schools in London, but now only the second
> worst.  I can't find the
> original post, nor can I remember who said it, but I
> couldn't resist this:
>    Sempitern Walker leaned forward with a look of
> puzzled agony.  "I thought
>    your parents had settled in a quarter called
> Islington?"
>    This gave Vivian a jolt.  Her mind seemed to have
> played a strange trick on
>    her.  It had allowed her to tell one lie, saying
> she was Vivian Lee, but
>    otherwise it had settled for lying by telling the
> absolute truth about
>    everything else.  She had to think quickly. 
> "Yes, but we moved," she said.
>    "Mum wasn't happy with my school there."

Newcastle (NSW- Aust) has a suburb of Islington which
in the past has had a rather unsavoury reputation, and
even today it is best known for its prostitute belt.
However since the closure of the adjacent steel works
it has been moving rapidly up-market as it is also
adjacent (on the other side) to most of Newcastle's
best restaurants. It does have a primary school but I
doubt if it ever came near to be the worst in


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