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Wed May 14 13:22:46 EDT 2003

Anna informed us:

<I have a complete yet compact OED that dates I
think from 1987. I
think the main dictionary is a two volume copy of
the 1971 dictionary with
a 1987 supplementary volume. I just had a look &
Muggle is in the main
dictionary, after Muggins, Muggish, and Muggite>

What is the definition for Muggins? My Mum used
this word whenever she felt put upon "I suppose
Muggins is going to have to do that", "Yes,
Muggins has ironed your school skirt (again)."
I never connected it with Muggles before.

Margaret said

<Not to mention "left-handed compliment" meaning
either an apparent 
compliment that conceals an insult, or the other
way around - I'm too lazy to look it up>

I've always heard the unpredjudiced "back handed
compliment" .

and Ian said 
<And then, on a completely different track,
there's Brust's "Left 
Hand" of the Jhereg Organization!

(who's in the middle of "Dragon" and still
reeling a little bit from 
the revelation at the end of "Orca")>

Heh heh, the greater and lesser Orca spoilers,
good aren't they?

John wrote that Minnow wrote

<> Eh?  They can't have 'admitted' it, they
already had
> it: 'muggle' is in the
> New S.O.D. of 1993.
> US slang from the early 20th century,
> [1] marijuana
> [2] a marijuana cigarette.

<Perhaps was Rawlings meant was "someone too
stoned to
perform magic"  :)>

So that's where I've been going wrong!


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