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Wed May 14 07:32:30 EDT 2003

A few weeks ago, someone on this list revealed that Islington no longer had the
worst schools in London, but now only the second worst.  I can't find the
original post, nor can I remember who said it, but I couldn't resist this:

   Sempitern Walker leaned forward with a look of puzzled agony.  "I thought
   your parents had settled in a quarter called Islington?"

   This gave Vivian a jolt.  Her mind seemed to have played a strange trick on
   her.  It had allowed her to tell one lie, saying she was Vivian Lee, but
   otherwise it had settled for lying by telling the absolute truth about
   everything else.  She had to think quickly.  "Yes, but we moved," she said.
   "Mum wasn't happy with my school there."


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