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Tue May 13 12:33:39 EDT 2003

Charlie wrote:

>I see that the word 'muggle' has been admitted to the latest edition of the
>OED, which is a great victory for, er, something, I guess. Oddly, however,
>it is defined not as 'non-magic user' but as 'clumsy or unskilled person.
>Why should that be? Perhaps it's used in that sense in playgrounds - 'Don't
>be such a muggle!', and so on - but I haven't heard it.

Eh?  They can't have 'admitted' it, they already had it: 'muggle' is in the
New S.O.D. of 1993.
US slang from the early 20th century,
[1] marijuana
[2] a marijuana cigarette.


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