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Tue May 13 09:51:49 EDT 2003

On Tue, 13 May 2003, Charles Butler wrote:

> I see that the word 'muggle' has been admitted to the latest edition of the
> OED, which is a great victory for, er, something, I guess. Oddly, however,
> it is defined not as 'non-magic user' but as 'clumsy or unskilled person.
> Why should that be? Perhaps it's used in that sense in playgrounds - 'Don't
> be such a muggle!', and so on - but I haven't heard it.

	I was under the impression that "Muggle" was *not* a word invented
by Rowling, but rather a dialect term that has been in use for a long
time, meaning among other things, "clumsy or unskilled person". Wasn't
there a long running lawsuit by some weird person claiming Rowling stole
"her" word Muggle that was thrown out of an American court after Rowling's
lawyers brought a linguist before the judge to recite all the many uses of
this word in regional English??? Or did I dream that???


PS: Oops! Forgot to put in the DWJ content. So how about this: is today
the day we agreed to begin discussion of Merlin? Or was that some other
day? I'm all confused...

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