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Kale wrote:
Stars Our Destination has reprinted  the trilogy as an omnibus, which was
available at specialty sf shops.  There was a limited edition signed 
edition that quickly sold out, but I think the tradepaperbacks are still 
Stars Our Destination ( is  based in Evanston, Illinois and
does mail order.

Ah - I sprang for the omnibus last year and can recommend it.  It's a very 
nice edition with enjoyable illustrations.  I found there were 3 or 4 copies 
available through abebooks at that time at varying prices.

It's hard to say which of the three books is my favorite.  I think it is 
usually Story of the Stone (or "SotS" in honor of Master Li's potations), 
but it's a mutable thing.  SotS has a most memorable (head)trip to the 
Underworld - one of my favorite things to chuckle over.

I know I found a Hughart website with an interview... let me see if I can 
find it again....

Hmm. Okay, the website is no longer being maintained, but it is archived. 
The picture doesn't come through, but still allows you to click through into 
the archived site, in which the page links still appear to work:


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